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Impentris’  History…

Ryan Huddleston & Jonathan Braithwaite grew up together on the same street playing music for years. Ryan later met Kelly Briggs in high school and they began collaborating. Kelly met Aaron Arce through work, and soon brought together the unique and powerful line up, Impentris. Many of Impentris’ songs were written at this time, when the dynamic was fresh. After Jonathan’s departure, Ryan filled the drum opening so Impentris could stay strong and move forward. After a few months of successful shows, Jonathan returned to the band, allowing Ryan to re-assume the role as the lead guitarist.

Impentris as a whole has been together since October 1999. Within the first month of being formed they won their high school battle of the bands. A month later they won the San Diego North County battle of the bands, but were disqualified for arousing the crowd beyond safe conditions.  Somewhat unexpectedly, the band’s popularity skyrocketed. Regular performances at local bars & restaurants and many backyard parties led to the success of a 4-track demo recorded out of Ryan’s living room. A new bass player, Bernard Beck, was added to the line up as the band continued preparing for a huge showcase at the Whisky a-Go-Go.

A warm up show & party was planned, the final prep for beginning to record the Approaching the Darkness album and find fans for the Whisky a-Go-Go show in Hollywood, California. The party was so successful that over 600 High School students showed up to support the band in the field near Kelly Briggs’ home. It was an amazing showcase on the roof, well lit by the Vista Sheriffs department’s helicopter spotlight. Just as Impentris finished the set and made their way off the roof-top stage, the sheriff’s militant execution of containment unleashed; with ATV’s, shotguns, beanbag guns, dogs, helicopters, and more. The party, needless to say, created quite the reputation for Impentris.

The Whisky a-Go-Go show was a huge success and Impentris delivered an unprecedented performance. Captured on the “Impentris – Live at the Whisky” CD & DVD. After overselling the venue with help from the other bands, hundreds of people were left in the streets with purchased tickets that couldn’t get into the building due to the fire code. Hundreds of people were left in Hollywood after the bus companies hired by everyone other than Impentris, breached contract and left fans abandoned. Impentris helped by offering space on their bus, but were scarred with being banned for life from the Whisky a-Go-Go stage. Some consider that to be an omen, and a compliment to the power of their music.

The great success of the times led to the introduction to Kevin Carey of Sound Productions, and the beginning of a long relationship as they began recording their full-length debut album.  While working on the album and playing shows locally, the band met a local record producer and quickly set up auditions and showcases for new opportunities. Through turmoil of the bands personal lives and other outside factors, the band disassembled.

While on shaky ground, the band continued to audition new members and write new material. But the dream was brought to a complete stop with the death of Kelly Briggs. Not unexpectedly, the dark times left the remaining members in devastation. This tragic turn of events ended all progress of the band for years.

While pursuing a career in music and music technology, Ryan Huddleston found new methods and equipment for revising the lost archives of Kelly Brigss’ vocal tracks for the Approaching the Darkness album. With his newly learned modern techniques, he was able to revive old recording sessions and create a final masterpiece for the band to proudly share with the world. With support from their many remaining fans, Impentris has reformed to support the record and get back to playing shows.

New band members include Nolan Greene on drums and Neal Bergmark on guitar. Together with their secret front man, they will be dominating a stage near you soon…

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