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 “A society whose sustenance is dependent upon empirical impenitence.”

Impentris hidden meanings and root derivatives:



  • A mischievous child (n).

  • A devils offspring, young demon (n).

  • To furnish with wings (v).



  • Power of an event/idea (v).

  • Striking together, violent contact (v).



  • Delay or prevent by obstructing them (v).

  • Hinder (v).



  • To hang/suspend (v).

  • To threaten (v).



  • Force (something unwelcome or unfamiliar) to be accepted or put in place (v).

  • Forcibly put (a restriction) in place (v).

  • Require (a duty, charge, or penalty) to be undertaken or paid (v).

  • Exert firm control over something (v).

  • Take advantage of someone by demanding their attention or commitment (v).

  • Arrange (pages of type) so that they will be in the correct order (v).



  • Of or relating to an empire Imperative (adj)

  • Of or relating to an emperor (adj).

  • Majestic; magnificent (adj).

  • Imperious or domineering (adj).



  • Without regret or shame (adj).

  • Showing no remorse for sins (adj).



  • That which cannot be penetrated (adj).

  • That which cannot be solved/understood; unfathomable (adj).

  • Unreceptive to influence (adj).


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